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    For future reference, please take this thread seriously, Rorshach is an awesome guy
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    massive indeed. I'm a HUGE RX Bandits fan and I approve of this.
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    you’ll be missing out on all the dad rock on the radio, tho
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    I was scrolling through the page really fast and caught a glimpse of the genre and had to do a double take because i thought i saw "atmospheric crust fuck"
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    this is mad garbage. every song sounds the same. I guess it's fine if you zone off while trying to eat your third microwave burrito of the day, you just got fired form your job and it's raining outside, but wow this is hot fucking garbage
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    i thought I downloaded Maroon 5 for a second there
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    Aw look at all the angry edgelords cry 😙 Warms my heart
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