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  1. The reason i fell in love with everyone in this genre is for their genericness, i like the genre for what it is.
  2. This is pretty good, thats a long time to wait for just an EP tho
  3. All i can see is Like Moths To Flames - Dark Divine in that cover
  4. Can anyone spare 33 bucks so i can get this? haha http://www.invisionsofficial.com/product/iv2-bundle-3

  5. Thats true but i just dont see the point. without any new or other songs
  6. They have the weirdest deluxes , if vultures was on here maybe but yeah
  7. I enjoyed it more than i thought i would, but your on point there.
  8. Man this is amazing! Love these guys, i really enjoy that all 12 songs are actually songs with no interludes and stuff. Might be one i gotta buy and add to my evergrowing collection
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