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  1. This thing is great, thanks for the upload.
  2. Any chance of a .flac file getting uploaded?
  3. Only a few songs in, but so far this is fantastic. Cheers for the upload
  4. Yes it's amazing, easily my AOTY, and I highly doubt anything will top it.
  5. This is quickly growing to be my second favourite album of the year, what a monster record.
  6. Blegh! Man I think Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It has ruined metalcore for me, everything just seems so safe and unadventurous after that album, also I think Sam's forcing his screams too much on here, as if he's struggling. It's still good though and the closing 3 songs are fantastic.
  7. Oh KL I love you so much, I was sure that this wasn't going to get posted Album is stunning and they've smashed it out of the park once again.
  8. I'm so glad that I waited until we had FLAC, as this is stunning, easily the best thing they've ever written.
  9. So I'm only up to Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and this is already brilliant, cheers.
  10. PT.1 was amazing, so I'm hoping for good things from this Also I just want to give my appreciation to all those who bring us the leaks, this site and the people who put the work in is truly a treat to us music lovers.
  11. Grumble grumble 128kbs grumble grumble But in all seriousness thanks as always for the leak, and you know it's naff when not everybody is spaffing their collective load over it and that there's some disappointment in the comments.
  12. I love this band, the continue to not put a foot wrong.
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