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  1. Jeez I completely forgot this was releasing soon. Enjoyed the three singles. Even checked out there older stuff after a relentless search. Thank you @Lord Rorschach
  2. Fucking love Wildways. Are they making a new album now? Also what's the actual song name in English translation? Im not good on languages lol
  3. Oh sweet thanks I'll definitely check that out. Lmao I didn't even know Billie had a kid, that's awesome. I know I never heard of Emilys Army at all, but gonna look the name up too.
  4. Niice Ryo on a Royal song can't wait for this album to come out.
  5. Tis an awesome release. Are these guys a new band? I've never heard of them before but I loved the music video. High hopes for the rest of the album.
  6. Not too bad. Every now and then I enjoy a well put together country record among all the metal and pop I listen to FGL did a swell job.
  7. Singles okay I guess. A bit repetitive. 50-50. I'd have to hear more tracks to know how I really feel about his music.
  8. Im not even gonna poke this with a 30 foot pole straight up just odd
  9. I came just to read the comments. Damn this funny. Im not one for the genre, but the cover art and track names made me come here. Just.... woooooow. Wtf
  10. Idk what to say, I've missed hearing her music thats for sure, I was hoping for a more Smile album sound. But I guess pop pop is what's the new Hot Thing for pop artists The album she did a song with Chad on wasn't too bad, but still not the same. I grew up listening to Avril. And Chad lol. Chad still makes the same Nickelback music. Avril doesn't do ,well, Avril anymore it seems. And quite frankly I miss her punk pop rock beginnings. I love pop as much as the next guy but come on... Will she ever go back to it? Or will this "drama Pop genre" continue?
  11. This is catchy af. Can't wait for March now
  12. It's the second. Fill. Just went to YouTube. Full track lyrics are up for this already
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