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  1. generic title ✔ generic artwork ✔ generic song ✔ can they just call it quits and stop ruining the OM&M name
  2. fucking amazing whatever they're releasing this year, none of you fuckers better sleep on it
  3. these singles are really starting to sound a bit too similar to each other now
  4. avril lavigne is a bit like the cecil rhodes monument a bygone relic of it's time that should be quietly put away and simply left in the history books
  5. to quote the great philosopher dril alexisonfire is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
  6. Hi,


    Quick question.


    If you are mR12.


    Who are mr1, mr2, mr3, mr4, mr5, mr6, mr7, mr8, mr9, mr10 and mr11?



    1. Drown


      He fucking did it the madman :D

  7. getting Just For A Day - Slowdive vibes from this super plesant and enjoyable listen, everything blends together so well
  8. "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" is going to be the caption on every girl's insta posts for the next year
  9. words cannot describe how i feel about this album so here's a gif
  10. lads *looks to camera* they've done it
  11. sounds more interesting than what was on their previous LP another one to add to the list of good bands from the colony of australia
  12. just because they've been releasing crap for years it does not make this good that chorus is one of the most cliche set of lyrics i've heard in a while
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