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  1. I was never really a fan of Whitechapel.. I cant deny that they are one of the most beloved heavy bands out there but something just never really clicked with them for me until this album There has not been a single track released from this album that i have not loved and this track is no different i am so excited to hear this album and honestly this will probably be the first album from them i will purchase physically especially if the rest sounds anything like this track or Third Depth.. The instrumentals are gorgeous so far and the vocals match up so well.. This album so far just makes me feel so good and i love it
  2. I love everything Shay has done Covette, OM&M, and now Dayshell but this track has to be by far one of my most favorite tracks he has been a part of.. I have a huge spot for Covette in my heart and the chorus vocals on this track are so damn close to Covette and i love it so much.. Also that intro riff is so damn heavy this is honestly just such a well put together track 10/10 for me
  3. kehlani put out a new track called Butterfly!
  4. @Joseph okay after paying closer attention ive realized the backing vocals are actually being sung live by someone else in the band, not played as a backing track
  5. Ive thought about this comment ever since i saw it because it is true, Ive grown to love this song but every time i hear it i think about them performing it live and ive been waiting for a decent video of them playing it live to come out so i can see just how he does pull it off and finally they played this on Jimmy Kimmel and it seems that what Oli is doing is singing it in a lower octave while the actual vocal from the track plays in the background.. Kinda let down that he doesnt hit the highs live but i understand it and i guess i cant blame him.. Heres the video if you wanna check it out for yourself I came all the way back to this comment just to follow up with you lol let me know your thoughts about it all!
  6. First two Florida Georgia Albums were solid for the most part.. I hated country until i found them.. This album along with their last album isnt capturing me all that well, However the last 3 tracks on the album are the kind of tracks i love from them they are very much southern rock as well as country Jason Aldean track is super solid too
  7. This makes me feel good inside I used to listen to Tigers Jaw several years ago and i never even realized this was the vocalist but ive been so excited about it ever since i found out
  8. ah that is so interesting! Most def i would like to check that out!
  9. Never really heard a whole lot from this band before but this single goes soooo hard ill definitely be looking forward to what comes next I also noticed this is a Sharptone release and i gotta say Sharptone has had some super solid releases the past couple years! so much good stuff
  10. @drownwithmatt This is so true though.. I made all different types of metal and was in love with it for about 7 or 8 years and at the end of 2017/start of 2018 i was going through a lot mentally and i decided to start making rap and pop because a lot of everything else was becoming too painful.. Out of nowhere rap and pop was a pain free escape, i could listen to it, make it, and just be in love with it and it felt amazing and is still something that i am very much in love with.. That goes for most rap and pop not just incoherent stuff, everything on the radio and the top of the charts right now is just euphoria fuel
  11. @gocomeback damn the first half of that seems mad serious and im intrigued because im a sucker for a good conspiracy theory and MK Ultra is something ive looked at for quite a while in the past.. but then the last line haha cant tell if the whole thing is a meme or just the last line but if youre serious about the whole thing i would love to hear more of your thoughts about it! If the butterfly and sunflower thing is real ive never heard of it before and i didnt know there were theories that post is involved with all that.. He was asked on the H3 Podcast if he had ever seen anything weird like that in the industry and he said no because he didnt think he was famous enough to be a part of that.. That was before b&B dropped though and his fame has skyrocketed since then so i wouldnt be surprised if there is some illuminati shit going on there hahaha
  12. @Arun1910 yeah now that you say that i can definitely hear that, if i go into it with all that in mind not thinking about it being a Zebrahead track up until the vocals start it almost sounds like a b side from Enema or Take Off Your Pants.. i guess its just the newer sound of the production that reminds me of Another Girl, Another Planet
  13. @Ccallawy34 it sounds like classic blink but like when blink tried to revisit the sound like on Another Girl Another Planet at least for the riff.. The bass and the drums however definitely have Dammit or Josie vibe.. maybe even Carousel
  14. Parts of this feel like 2003 blink-182 and other parts feel like classic Zebrahead and i love it
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