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  1. Anyone wanna play baccara and listen to belcarra?
  2. Let It Happen (Tame Impala cover) isn't even a northlane song and it's on Node (Deluxe) :p
  3. So fucking true. I want to see how 'different' they tried to be
  4. @Bored To Death As long as we get Zebrahead we are alright
  5. Every track off Selective Hearing was wayyyyy better
  6. Etching probably means that there's a logo or something of sorts etched into the side of the vinyl.
  7. xo, So bad and Don't Cry are just too good, nothing really to say about them besides that.
  8. The only difference is that this is consistently good.
  9. Not even gonna try it after that crappy single
  10. Would be funnier if the album was called "Kolben"..
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