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  1. People saying Hollow sounds like Alone in a room, lol wut? This was speculated for some reason and people have obviously just jumped on board like blind sheep
  2. Keen to hear this....The Black was so much better than that latest AA shit
  3. What the fuck does fala mean? Or is it just like a wo-oah or some shit?
  4. The 2 album's before this sounded stale? Sorry, what? Holy Hell has the same sound, just without the good songs though. Granted, it's not bad as such, but it's just there....no stand out tracks, no stand out parts even...there's no way the last 2 album don't completely slay this tbh
  5. So did anyone actually listen to Holy Hell for more than a couple of days? Also, why?
  6. Thing is, Oli can't even do this shit live....Jordan gonna be carrying more and more weight with the vocals...which he is capable of tbh
  7. Sick, better than anything off the last album. Glad they havent gone with that muddy sounding mix the last album had
  8. Wait what, i assumed this was a full length...fuck
  9. God dammit I love this band. How was that 6 mins? It flew. Top 3 clean vocals in the scene. Bands overall sound is still mad, and so them. Albums gonna be gold. Cheers.
  10. OMFG OMFG OMFG I can't wait to hear this. No other band can nail 6+ min songs like STS Walk Tall 1 is amazing.... Ahhhh
  11. Despite the shortness of it, this is easily the Best Deathcore release of 2018, wish it was a full album, what an absolute fucking ripper of an EP tbh
  12. Thus is fucking sick. Had a little chuckle to myself during the first song when that massive bree kicks in hahah
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